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Getting started on the class blogs

Getting started on the class blogs.

These blogs are a place for you to share messages, photographs and short films. You can even share your work. You can post a new blog post – or simply leave a comment on another post.

The following is just to get you going. When you first open your blog, please read the first blog from your teacher.

So – to get you going:

Log into Purple Mash as usual.

Select Sharing.

Select shared blogs tab.

Select the blog you want to open from the ones available.

To read a blog post: click on the title. (big blue letters)

To comment on a post: once the post is opened, a comment box appears below it.

To start a new post: click on the green cross and follow the instructions.

Note: All posts and comments are moderated (checked) by a teacher before they go live. Your teachers will try to do this at least twice a day on weekdays.

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