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Impact Statement 2015


The Governors at St Matthew’s see their role as a support to the school in the education of the children to reach their full academic potential within the Christian ethos of a church school.

All Governing Bodies have to be reconstituted by September 2015, and St Matthew’s is no exception.  There will not be a great deal of difference, following the reconstitution,  two foundation governors will need to be elected, by the church, following the resignation of Mrs Katherine Kay and M/s Diane Mather.  We offer our sincere thanks to both these ladies for their contribution to the Governing Body.  A new parent governor will also need to be elected by the parents of the school.  This is an additional post to the governing body following the reconstitution.     During   the   last    academic    year   we    welcomed

Mr Simon Channell as LEA Governor.  Simon, a teacher, with specialist knowledge of ICT, has been a very welcome addition to the Governing Body, and his knowledge of ICT has already proved invaluable.

All Governors are held accountable for the academic achievements of the children, and the financial control of the school.  To fulfil the requirements of their responsibilities over the last twelve months Governors have visited school on a regular basis.  If a Governor has responsibility for a subject area, they have met with the subject co-ordinator, talked with the children, and reported their findings to the whole Governing Body.

Governors also attend class assemblies, concerts, educational visits and school trips.  A record is kept in the school office of  all Governor visits to the school.

The Chair and Vice Chair meet regularly with the Head Teacher to keep abreast of overall standards. For example, they have visited the classrooms; spoke to the teachers and the children about targets, what they are, how they are achieved and what the children do when targets are accomplished.  It is evident that children are well informed and knowledgeable about what they need to do.

Towards the end of the school year the Leadership Team meet to discuss the previous years work and the vision for the forthcoming year. Last year the Chair and Vice Chair were invited to attend the meeting and they have also been asked to join them again this year.  This gives the Chair and Vice Chair an opportunity to participate, from the outset, in the planning and vision for the coming year.  To also acknowledge the achievements and successes over the year, and look where improvements need to be made.

The Governors do not rely solely on the Head Teacher with regard to standards within the school.  Outside agencies are invited to validate the work of the school.  Earlier  in  the  year   Mr  Liam  Trippier  visited St Matthew’s to assess where the school is should an Ofsted inspection ensue.

Mr Trippier’s overall report was very positive and he remarked that  he had  found the quality of writing to be of a good standard  across the school.   Mr Trippier suggested certain recommendations to enable the children to up level their work.  These recommendations have been adhered to and are now in use across the school.

Rigorous control of spellings is also in place across the school and every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has spellings for homework.  There are spelling cards in the classrooms which children can use for work in writing or simply use them to learn to spell.  The system followed in spellings across the school is:

 ‘look’             ‘say’              ‘cover’          ‘write’           ‘check’

In the junior classes children have a Spelling Challenge Card with ten columns of ten spellings which they have to learn over two years.  This is monitored by the teacher and when a column of spellings has been learnt the card is marked appropriately.  This was evidenced by the Vice Chair.

Recently the school was visited by a member of the Leading Parent Partnership Association where an in depth check of various aspects of school life was observed. Interviews were undertaken with the Head Teacher and other members of the school.  Following this visit the school has been awarded a Leading Parent Partnership Award.

Over the last twelve months the Governors have overseen the following improvements to the school:

  • the completion of the school roof
  • improvements to the Reception outside area
  • ball walls in the playground
  • amphitheatre on the playing fields
  • a grant for  a new school kitchen

Overall, the last year has been a successful one.  Academic achievements continue to improve.  There is tight control of financial expenditure and the children are cared for in a safe and happy environment.

The school is ably led by a dedicated head teacher,  supported by an equally dedicated deputy head, teachers, classroom assistants, administrative staff, caretaker and cleaning staff, the kitchen staff and the many parents, grandparents and volunteers who give up their time to support the school.

We say goodbye to Mrs Woods, who is retiring, having served the school for thirty six years.  We also say goodbye to Year 6 and wish them well as they go on to their new schools in September.   We welcome Miss Nicola Barnes a newly appointed teacher to the teaching staff, and also the children who will   join  us in the Reception  Class,  in September.

We look forward to the new school year with its many challenges, with a vision for the future, so that we can continue to provide the best possible education for all our children at St Matthew’s.