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Impact Statement 2017



At the start of the new academic school year, in September 2016, the governors met to plan the structure of the Governing Body.  A new Chair, Mrs Pat Hallows, and Vice Chair, Mrs Kathy Winterbotham, were appointed.  Roles and responsibilities were looked at and many governors volunteered to take on new initiatives within the governing board.   This was a very positive start to the year and it is hoped that we can move forward, as a team, to provide the utmost care, attention and support for St Matthew’s School.

Secondment  –  Mrs G Ryding

Mrs Ryding was approached by the Local Authority, along with another Head Teacher, to act as Executive Heads at a school in Bolton for the Autumn Term.  Mrs Ryding spent three days a week at the school and two days at St Matthew’s.  In her absence Mr Harding, Deputy Head Teacher, took on the responsibilities of the Head, and conversely the Senior Leadership Team stepped up to help where it was needed.  It was evident that the school continued to flourish during the time of the secondment. The governors would like to thank all the staff for their hard work during this time.

School Improvement Plan

Mrs Ryding distributed copies of the plan to the whole Governing Board and this was presented at the Autumn Meeting where the main topics were discussed.  This is a working document and is being reviewed, and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Pupil Premium

Mrs Clemmett, the school’s Pupil Premium Champion, presented an overview of the current situation for pupil premium children at St Matthew’s. Mr Channell, as Pupil Premium Governor,  had also met with Mrs Clemmett to keep up to date with this very important aspect of school life.  It is, evident from the presentation, that Mrs Clemmett  is keeping a very careful watch on all the pupil premium children, and, the governors are also closely monitoring their progress.

Data Protection

Under the Education Act it is now a requirement, from the 1st of September, that all governors provide information about their governance membership on a Government web-based system called ‘Edubase’. This will enable the Department for Education to quickly and accurately identify individuals who hold a role in Governance.  Schools would have a secure access to the Edubase system and, therefore, entry of the data would need to be conducted by a dedicated member of staff.

Self Evaluation Summary

This document was presented to the Governing Board at the Spring Term Meeting.  This is a working document where every aspect of school life is monitored, assessed, and graded on an ongoing basis by the school.  This is a very in depth look at how the school assesses itself and continues to do so throughout each academic year.  It is used in conjunction with the School Improvement Plan so that every part of school life, is monitored and addressed.

Governor Visits

Governors continue to visit school on a regular basis within their capacity as a class governor, or a governor with a responsibility for a particular academic subject.  They also attend class assemblies, out of school presentations.  School Trips and wherever it is deemed their support and presence is needed.

Governor Day Tuesday 13 June 2017

Since the beginning of the academic year the governors wished to raise their profile within the school,  parents and stakeholder.  The governors have worked very hard to achieve this and the Governor Day is another way to connect with our school, children and staff.

This was an extremely successful day which began with a whole school assembly ably led by Mr Harding the Deputy Head Teacher. The theme being “we are the school” children, staff (teaching and non-teaching) kitchen, cleaning, caretaking and governors, not the building but us!  This set the tone for the day that we all belong to an inclusive, caring, committed and dedicated school.

This was a very informal day where governors could pop in and out of school as and when they were able to do so.  Some governors have full time jobs and were not able to spend as much time in school as others.  Classes were visited across the whole school where a very warm welcome was received from both children and staff.  We enjoyed lunch together with the children, sitting with them and being helped with the routine in the dining room at lunchtime.  After lunch we continued to visit classes and generally get a feel of a normal day in school.

When the school day was finished a meeting for the Chairs of Committees, led by the Chair of Governors and the Vice Chair was held.  This gave us the opportunity to reflect on the work of the committees and share our experiences with each other and any problems we might have.  Following on from this the whole of the Governing Board carried out a learning walk around the school.  Feedback was given at the Governing Board meeting which followed. A very instructive and informative exercise by all who participated.  A full meeting of the Governing Board followed.  Overall, a most enjoyable,  constructive day where it was a privilege to be part of our school!


At the beginning of the year we  welcomed Mr Jenks an NQT teacher  into Year 2.  Mr Jenks, however,  has tendered his resignation and will be leaving us as the end of the year.  Mrs Wyatt has re-joined us, after taking maternity leave, and is now the proud mum of a beautiful little boy.  Miss Wilson got married at Christmas and is now Mrs Wilson – congratulations to you both.  We welcome Miss Magill to the teaching staff from September.  Miss Magill an NGT will have responsibility for Year 1 and we wish her well  as she joins our school.

We say goodbye to our Year 6 children and wish them every success in their new schools.  We also welcome our new Reception Class to the school and we hope this will be a successful working partnership between school and home

It has been an exceptionally good year.  The school continues to flourish under the leadership of Mrs Ryding and Mr Harding assisted by the Senior Leadership Team and all the staff.  We are also very grateful to the parents for their continued support of the school.  We are a close knit community which is evident when you  walk through the door of the school where there is always a warm welcome and a smile.  We hope we provide the best we can for all our children.  We know the best is given by all who work in the school.  Long may it continue !