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Impact Statement 2019



We began the academic year with the Governors’ Business Meeting which is held in September to discuss the make up of the various committees and governors’ individual roles and responsibilities. Mrs Pat Hallows was appointed as Chair of Governors with Mrs Kathy Winterbotham as Vice Chair.  We looked at the make up of the various committees and who would serve on them.  It was agreed to amalgamate the Personnel and Finance Committees which would now form the Personnel, Finance and Premises Committee, and the Pay Review Working Party will feed into this committee. It was agreed that the Standards and Self Evaluation Committee would now be re-designated as the Standards and Self Evaluation Working Party which would feed its findings into the Curriculum Committee. It is hoped that this will save  prolonged discussion at the Curriculum Committee as  this will have taken place at the Working Party Meetings and the findings will  be reported  at the Curriculum Meeting. Hopefully, following the changes, this will support the work of the school.  We have also decided to introduce a working party to monitor attendance.  Attendance has never been a problem at St Matthew’s but there has been one or two anomalies and we would be failing in our duty if we didn’t continue to monitor this closely.

Governors play an integral role within the school by regularly visiting subject leaders  to continue to monitor their subject area.  They have continued to raise their profile attending class assemblies, school concerts, sports day, after school activities such as netball, football, cricket and  participating in school trips and visits.  A number of governors also support the school, on a weekly basis, by supporting the children with reading, numeracy, literacy and music.

Governor Members:

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to Mike Thomas and Michelle Dooley who have served on the Governing Board for many years.  We are indebted to both of them for their contribution and hard work undertaken on behalf of the Governing Board.  We welcomed Janet Sproat to the Governing Board.  Janet was a teacher a St Matthew’s a number of years ago, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in education and the local community.  Mr Harding, the Deputy Head, was also re-elected to serve for a further four years as a co-opted governor.

As part of governor development, the governors undertook a skills matrix, to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses.  This proved to be a very useful exercise, having already carried out a skills matrix a few years ago, it confirmed that the governors had grown in strength,  confidence and skills has much improved. Alongside this a 360o review of the Chair of Governors was also undertaken.  Governors were given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire  regarding  the skills, leadership and management of the Chair.  This also proved to be a successful exercise with most of the comments being positive. It did throw up one or   two suggestions  which the governors felt  could further improve the overall monitoring of the school.

The governors  fastidiously  attend governor training which enables them to improve their skills and knowledge,  to become an improving Governing Board, which holds the school to account to ensure that all children are catered for and receive the best education possible.


Mrs Phillips gave birth to a baby daughter during the summer holidays, which was earlier than expected,  she did  not  return to school in September as expected, but took maternity leave. Mrs Phillips  returned to school following the Easter break; we warmly welcome her back.

We welcomed in September Miss Nuttall, a newly qualified teacher, on a twelve month contract,  to teach in Year 4.  Miss  Nuttall   has   completed  her NQT year at St Matthew’s and we are very happy that we have been able to offer her a permanent contract.

Parish Links:

The partnership with the parish continues to flourish with the junior children attending the Eucharist on a monthly basis.  Governors are also in attendance  to support the children in their Christian values.

The church is undergoing  major renovations to the tower roof and transept, and as a result of this, the church building is out of use.  However, St Matthew’s school has been able to help, by allowing the 10.00 o’clock Eucharist on Sunday mornings, to be held in the school hall. This is another indication of our close relationship between school and church.

Governor Day

We held our annual Governor Day in  June which gives governors the opportunity to visit the school during a normal school day.  The day began with a class assembly very well presented by Year 2 on “Growth Mindset”, which a number of governors attended.  Following on from this, those who were staying, visited the various classrooms to observe the lessons being taught, and in  some cases, participate.  A new initiative was observed in Year 5 LbQ  (Learning by Questions). The teacher asked a number of questions, and after each question, the pupils wrote their answer on a wipe board showing their answers to the teacher so that the children could still work out their answers manually.  Following on from this the children worked on an I-pad answering the questions displayed on the main whiteboard and also on their I-pads. The children were asked to work through the questions, if they answered correctly they moved onto the next question.  If however, they answered incorrectly they had another opportunity to answer, but if they got it wrong they were unable to continue. This enables the teacher to revisit the incorrect answers and go over them with the children concerned.  The children were very enthusiastic about this new initiative and it is evident how much they enjoyed what they are doing.

Various lessons were observed throughout the day reading, puppet making, science religious education, physical education and again, LbQ in English.  A number of governors enjoyed lunch with the children and were very impressed with the behaviour, courtesy and friendliness of the children.

The Chair of Governors held a meeting with those governors who wished to speak to her individually.  She also met with  the Chairs of Committees to give them the opportunity to talk about their roles and responsibilities and whether there was anything they wished to speak about or suggest.  Following on from this the Chair met with all governors, again to ascertain what sort of a year it had been, whether they had any comments or suggestions to make to improve what the Governing Board is doing.  This gives all governors the opportunity to take ownership of what they are doing and to realise that they are all valued for the contribution they make,

Following the meetings a learning walk took place enabling governors  to look at  the classrooms, the displays, the children’s work,  evidence of learning and the ethos of the school.  Comments of the observations, which took place, were reported at the full Governors’ Meeting which followed the learning walk.

It was indeed a pleasure to be part of a most welcoming, informative normal school day shared with the children and staff. Our thanks are extended to all.

It has been another exceptional year at St Matthew’s where much has been accomplished, but there is still plenty to do, we must not be complacent we must strive ever upward for the good of our children.  It is wonderful to part of such a lovely, caring, warm and inviting school where Christian values are upheld and  all are welcomed and valued. “ Love, Learn Grow” is our mission statement, may we all continue to do this.

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