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More Information Reception and Year 1 Returning to School

St Matthew’s School.

Reception and Year 1 – More Information

The classrooms are taking shape and the teachers have planned some great activities. This week a few people have asked some further questions so I have answered them here. Please continue to get in touch if you need any further information

Many Thanks

Mrs Ryding

What will happen when my child has their temperature taken ?Taking temperatures has become part of our school routine and we are going to continue with it. When your child has their temperature taken the thermometer will give one of three reading.   LOW: this means that your child is too cold for  the thermometer to take a reading. This could be quite a common occurrence as we are taking temperatures outside. The staff will record the temperature as LOW and once registration is complete the staff will re-take  these temperatures   A reading indicating a temperature under 37.8  This will be recorded and you and your child will be directed round to the classrooms   HIGH  Where the temperature is 37.8 or above we will retake the temperature at the office with a different thermometer to check. We realise that this reading might cause some anxiety. We will do our best to mange this carefully but if the second reading is high you will be asked to take your child home.
Is school closing on a Wednesday ?Yes. School will close at 12:00 on a Wednesday. Pick up times for each bubble will be  Wonderland with Miss Magill  8:55am  ( 11:45am) Genies with Miss Nuttall 9:00am    (11:50am ) Parrots with Mrs Phillips 9:05am  (11:55am) Giraffes with Miss Barnes 9:10am  (12:00pm)   The children will still receive their school lunch but will bring it home with them.  
Should my child bring a book bag each day ?Only bring a book bag if you have something you need to bring. Please remove all key chains and other items that might make the bags harder to wipe down. Reading Books will be changed Tuesdays and Fridays so you don’t need to bring them on other days. To keep the possibility of cross contamination to a minimum please do not send things for ‘show and tell’ or other things to show the teacher. Instead you can upload pictures of these to the blog or  and these can be shown in class.  
Will school be sending things home ?We will be reducing the amount of things we send home. We will continue to use the text messaging system and the website to share information. We will be having a new style Praise Assembly on a Friday. Star of the Weeks may be awarded to children in school or at home. We would also like to send things home that the children have made.   If you do NOT want items sending home then please let us know.  
What kind of snack should I send ?Ideally these should be healthy snacks. No crisps or chocolate bars. Please remember we are a nut free school and this includes items containing Nutella.  

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