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School Opening 08/09

St Matthew’s School.

School Opens Tomorrow

The staff are really excited to have the children back tomorrow. We know that there is some anxiety about starting back at this time, however we know that children need to be back in school, for their own mental well-being, so they can make progress in their learning and so that parents can go back to work.

We have been reviewing our procedures to ensure that we keep everyone a safe as we can and we have looked particularly at arrangements for the start and end of the day.

Please arrive between the times for your key stage. Please do not come earlier than your time.  I am sure on the first day the children will be keen to get here and see their friends but we MUST keep everyone safe. Try to arrive ‘between’ the times. We will have a queuing system in place to ensure social distancing as children arrive at school.  At the end of the day please do the same.

What time will my child come to school ?Junior Children (Year 3 through to Year 6) should arrive between  8:40am and 8:50am leave at 3:30pm.   Infant Children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) should arrive between 8:55am and 9:05am and  leave at 3:15pm.  
How much is dinner money ?  For the first week it is £7.20 From the following week is £9.00  
When will my child need their PE Bag ?  You can send PE bags in from the first day.  
Will there be a ‘meet the teacher ‘ this term ?Yes – we will hold a Zoom Meeting from week beginning 21st September. Arrangements are a little more complicated than usual so we will make sure you get all the details. The class blog will become a useful source of information about practical arrangements. The class teachers will be adding things to their blog in the next couple of days.  
How will I know what is going on in school as we can’t come in to visit ?This is something we are working on. Again, the class blogs will be used for sharing and celebrating. We will post pictures and certificates on them. If you have not accessed the class blog use the email to contact your class teacher and they will help you. We will be making good use of Twitter.  @StMattsLL Photos on Twitter do not contain children’s names and are usually general photos of the class. If you have not given permission for your child to have their photo on Twitter they will not be on close up photos but may be on wide shots where they are not readily recognisable. Please contact the office if you wish to change your preferences for photos.
What if I am concerned about it being safe for my child to return to school ?Please see the school website for a letter from Dr Helen Lowey, Director of Public Health for Bolton. This is a letter for all parents that sets out the support for schools and recognises the importance of children returning to school.

Many Thanks

Mrs Ryding

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