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Welcome Back

St Matthew’s School.

Welcome Back

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school next week. The staff are busy preparing the classrooms and are excited to see all the children. We know that it has been a long time since many of the children were last in school and there may be some worries about starting back. Please share the information in this document with your child so that they feel comfortable and excited about returning.

The information below should be read alongside the information already on the school website and has been put together to answer some of your questions. If you have any further worries or questions when you have read this please contact the school office this week either by telephone or by email. and we will do our best to help you. 

The class blogs will be up and running from Thursday 3rd September so look out for a message from your new class teacher and photographs of the classrooms. Remember to login to the new year group. This will be a good way for your child/ children to make contact with their class teacher and their classmates

If you have any pastoral or confidential concerns or you want to share information about change in circumstances with us please contact the school office this week so that we can arrange for someone to contact you. If you wish to contact the class teacher about learning you can do so by using 

When will my child be in school ?Children from Year 1 through to Year 6 will be in school full time from Tuesday 8th September . There will be a staggered start and finish to each day Reception children will start on Monday 14th September with a staggered start on the first day and then full time from the Tuesday. Further information will be sent separately to Reception class parents.
What time will my child come to school ?Junior Children (Year 3 through to Year 6) should arrive between  8:40am and 8:50am leave at 3:30pm. Infant Children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) should arrive between 8:55am and 9:05am and  leave at 3:15pm. Please do not arrive earlier than your time. This is the time to arrive at school and not the time you are expected in the classroom.   If you travel by bus then the guidance strongly recommends traveling ‘off peak’. This may mean coming to school after 9:15am. If you intend to do this then please contact the school office so we know when to expect you each day.
What should I do about dropping off  if I have both Infant and Junior children ?If possible please come at the Junior time as lessons will start promptly. Infant siblings will wait in the hall until the Infant time. Parents will not be able to wait with their children but staff will be on hand to supervise them.
What should I do about picking up if I have both Infant and Junior childrenYou can collect your Infant child and wait with them until the Junior children finish. Alternatively your Infant can wait in the classroom with their teacher until the Junior finish time and then you can collect them both at once.
Someone in my household had been shielding – should I send my child to school ?Yes- The guidance says that all children must come to school. If you have any individual concerns about this then please contact the school office so that we can arrange for someone to speak to you. If your child is under a consultant for a significant medical need and you have any concerns about them returning to school the guidance suggests you contact the consultant.   Detailed information can be found on Pg 22 of the guidance.
I have ordered uniform , when can I pick it up ?You will receive a text on Friday 4th September that will let you know how much you owe and a suggested time to collect Cheques made payable to BMBC or correct cash as we will not have facilities to give change on the day.
How should I pay for snacks ?If you have ordered school snacks please send £11.22 in with your child in their bag on Tuesday and the class teacher will collect it.  Cheque to BMBC or cash. The class teacher will ask the children If you have not yet ordered snacks please contact the school office and they will send you the link.
Will staff be wearing masks in school ?The guidance on face coverings has been changing rapidly over the last few days. Currently there is a recommendation that staff in Primary Schools wear masks ‘where social distancing is not possible in areas outside the classroom’.  We are currently working with the staff to develop our plan for this. I would expect that children are now used to seeing adults in face coverings in public places and so it should not be a worry for them.
Should my child wear a mask to school ?No. The current guidance states that primary aged children are not recommended to wear masks in school. The control measures in place such as good handwashing, enhanced cleaning and changes to the layout of the school contribute to our infection control. I would strongly discourage you from sending your child in a mask but if you are considering doing so, you MUST contact the school office so that they can send you the guidance ‘how to wear a face covering’ . Unless you have done this your child will be asked to remove their mask in school. This is because unless masks are put on, worn and removed correctly they can increase the risk of transmission.
Will Y2K be opening ? Yes Y2K will be running ‘as normal’ from Tuesday 8th September.  They can be contacted through their website.

If further questions are asked and we think it will be helpful to share, I will send a final update on Monday 7th September.

Many Thanks

Mrs Ryding

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