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Year 6 Letter May 2020

22nd May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

At this time of year our plans to celebrate with Year 6 are usually in full flow and we are really sad that they have not been able  to have all the experiences that were planned. On the last day that the children were with us as we said our goodbyes we said that we hoped to see them again before the end of term.

As you know there is the opportunity for Year 6 to return, but it feels like a particularly difficult decision for this year group. In your survey many of you shared your thoughts and concerns. I asked one parent if I could share theirs with you . ‘ We want to remember it as it was.’ It will be hard for them to be  ‘unable to play with friends and possibly not have Mrs Clemmett’. So, I need to let you know that Mrs Clemmett will not be returning to school as part of our reopening. She will return in September. 

She is however keen to make sure that the end of the year is celebrated and she is busy working on plans for this.

On the school website you will find information about returning to school. I will send a text link to this when it is available.  As part of our planned reopening Year 6 would return in the second week. This should be Monday 15th June.  

You will receive another survey soon on which you can order your Leaving Hoodie and give permission for your child’s photos of their time at St Matthew’s to be shared with other children in Year 6. 

Leaving Hoodies

The Friends of St Matthew’s School are looking to purchase leaving hoodies for the Year 6 children and would like to know what size you would like your child to have, bearing in mind that these will be to wear next year.

These will be purchased from If you would like to look at sizing please go onto the website and type in code JH001B ( if you think your child will need a kids size) or JH001 ( if you think your child will need an adult size). Click on any colour and the sizes will appear.

We also need permission for your child’s name to appear within the number that will appear on the back of all the hoodies. ( Your child’s name will be sent to the company to allow them to do this)

Please complete the on line form sent in a text message by Monday 1st June.

Waddow Payments

We are working with the Local Authority to arrange to refund payments you have made for Waddow. This is taking some time but we will be in touch as soon as we know any more. We will ensure that you get your full refund.

Permission to use photographs

On the survey please also indicate if you give your permission for your child’s photos from their time in school to be shared with other children in Year 6 as we usually do a this time of year. This is likely to be in a Powerpoint and in something special Mrs Clemmett is working on.

We are missing you all so much and look forward to seeing some of you if and when it is safe to return to school.

Many Thanks

Mrs Ryding

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